Saturday, 13 October 2012


This weeks challenge at 'Simon says stamp and show' called  Rustification has been especially inspiring for me!
A few months ago I rusted some nuts and bolts/washers/tiny screws etc, but didn't get around to using them.So this was the perfect excuse! They seemed to have rusted even further while in storage too (Which I am not complaining about one little bit ;)

These were rusted over a weekend. Dipping them into coke (Yep.. coke! Makes you wonder what it does to your insides eh) dipping them for about an hour or two, then leaving them to air dry outside for another few hours. I repeated this about 5 times.

I also had a tin case I have been wanting to alter for a while..


Here are the beginnings of my altered tin case. I covered it all with tin foil, and made a raised frame on the tins lid, so i could put all of the rusty bits and pieces inside. Made a frame too, with the intention of making something which matched to go inside.

Many coats of paint later, with all the rusty bits inside the frame... I decided to experiment with the PVA glue, and poured a load into the frame. It was approx 80% PVA and 20% water.

It took a while.. but 3 days later it was finally dry :)

I added a cage type grill to the front, so it gives the illusion that you can see into the tin, and its full of rusty nuts and bolts etc. 

 With the tiny frame, I hand painted a spooky image. Inside the tin I lined it with some lush fabric, and added some tiny sea shells and little charms.

 As always, I enjoyed making this :) 

iz x


  1. Very cool little altered tin. It's very eerie but I LOVE it! I love the crackled texture on both the tin and the little frame. I also love the rusty metal pieces imprisoned underneath the wire top. Thanks for sharing your work with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

  2. Wow your tin is fantastic, love the texture from the tape on top of the box and love,how,you added a niche for your rusted elements, wonderful and then adding the PVA is a fabulous idea. Love the image on the inside too and you have packaged it beautifully. Thanks so much for,joining in the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. Tracy x

  3. Amazing rusting on those bits and pieces! (I won't drink coke again!). The finished tin is wonderful and I love how you made the little recess for the rusted treasures. The image you painted is stunning. A fantastically creative make.

  4. Fabulous box and I love all that gorgeous rust. I have never tried the coke method, so I thank you for that tip. I am off to dunk some now. xx Michelle

  5. Fantastic piece very creative I love the way you have used all the different techniques in such a ' fearless ' way that little picture is brilliantly spooky x